How to Swim Like a Pro

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It is rather a difficult task to remove time from the busy schedules and allocate that time to pure leisure. There is work to be done and workouts to be exercised! Consequently, where is the time to remove exclusively for leisure? Well, this not a question in the minds of patrons of ‘Swimming’!

The ultimate exercise to benefit your body and have a relaxed leisure time out! Subsequently, if you are thinking to be a water baby, here is how to swim like a Pro. Before anything else, it is better to have the basic gear of swimming.

You would require a

  • A swimming pool
  • A swimming cap
  • A swimming suit

Goggles come handy but it is not a strict requirement!

1. The Basic Stroke

basic swim stroke

Just like every activity, swimming has its strokes. Anywhere near Pro means that the strokes have to be efficient and more efficient with every routine or practice completed! Each time one hand is used to glide the water, it is counted as one stroke.

Begin your warm up quickly and enter the pool. The focus before anything fancy should be to perfect the basic strokes. Take help from your experts and ensure that the technique is just right. You will be able to see the difference in your swimming just by the improvement of your technique. It is the start of becoming a Pro!

2. Embrace Water

floating in the pool

Swimming is definitely a fun pass time. It is counted as a refreshing recreation. However, to become a Pro, it takes more than that! You have to understand that to participate in competitions, a lot of endurance and practice is required.

This quickly translates to the point that a lot of time needs to be spent in the pool to improve on the basics. Therefore, you have to embrace the water and learn to spend a lot of time in it. More than learn, you should enjoy spending a lot of time in the water!

3. Equipment

swimming equipment

You might have seen people swimming in incorrect swim wear. This is one of the major hurdles to stop you from swimming like a Pro! Very clearly, the correct swim gear encourages you to swim faster. A swim suit is what you need to purchase first and foremost.

The swimsuits are designed to ensure that there is lower resistance to the eater. A swim cap is also recommended so as to ensure that hair does not come in the way of your speed. Swim goggles can also be a much needed tool to avoid the chemicals in the water to hurt your eyes!

4. Breathing

deep breathing

To swim like a Pro, you need to be better your breathing in the pool. Many professionals have been seen practicing bilateral breathing. This technique can help the individual get oxygen without actually hindering the speed.

This technique basically entails telling breaths on alternate sides mid strike and controlling the pace of breathing so that It does not affect the swimming pattern.

5. Speed

swimming speed

A Pro needs speed. If you do not have the speed, this is something you need to start working on! Speed can be improved under the guidance of a coach or by yourselves by doing a routine of interval training.

You can speed through a few laps and then slow down in order for the body to recover. Then start with your next sprint again! What this will do is give your body time to recover and sprint, increasing your speed in return. If you keep swimming for a longer time in mediocre pace, this is, in now way going to he you better your speed!

6. Strength


A Pro is strong. They can spend a lot of time in exercise and never seem to tire of it. Therefore, the other attribute needed to swim like a Pro is to improve basic power and strength. On days when you cannot possible swim, ensure that you are undertaking a strength routine for at least 30 minutes in your gymnasium.

You need to add power to your muscles so that these muscles can smoothly glide you through the pool waters. Developing abdominal and core muscles can seriously add on the skill of swimming like a Pro!

7. Technique

swimming technique

The focus on the technique is mandatory! There are several strokes in swimming. To be a Pro, you do not need to be an expert in every single swim stroke! You can know the basics of each stroke but work on perfecting a solitary one which plays to your strength!

For instance, if you like the back stroke and have a competency in it, simply perfect that and focus on being better than the rest.

Every person can become a Pro with the right practice, guidance and will power! Keep improving! Remember your competition is first with yourself!

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A Beginner’s Guide To Body Building

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body building introduction

Making a decision on bodybuilding is never a spontaneous one. There are many reasons behind your opting for it. For some, it’s just about looking good and for some, it’s a professional need while some are only addicted to body building.

All of these are good enough reasons. But do you know there are many crucial points one needs to be aware of before he sets forth and toil on his muscle? Bodybuilding is a complex science.

If you know the formula and apply it well, you may get an A+ or else nothing but body pain, wasted time and energy and a big hole in your pocket.

Beginners often bear the brunt of failure in their excursion. They are the one with optimism, enthusiasm and energy, yet they crash. Ever wondered why? They forget to arm themselves with some basic and highly viable ideas.

Enthusiasm VS Impatience

enthusiasm vs impatience

Nothing is as good as watching a novice at body building sweating hard and harder. The sight remains attractive as long as he remains an enthusiast.

But the story of beginners going amok in order to get into the desired shape is common and most unfortunate. What’s worse is that they never reach their target for they leave themselves enervated.

‘Slow and steady wins the race’ does sound like a cliché but in the world of bodybuilding, it’s nothing less than a gem of an advice.

One Step At A Timeone step at a time

Aim high but remember to take one step at a time. The wisest of decision from your part would be to hire a good trainer, for he is the one who will ensure your every session is more productive than the previous one.

With every small change in your session, your challenges must beef up. Stay guard from over doing and under doing.

Be Proactive And Confident

As mentioned earlier, a beginner often tends to grow impatient. When doing well, they grow impatient for immediate success, and when the going gets rough, they plunge into negativity.

The act of balance must be understood and practiced. Keep yourself highly motivated. Self-confidence during the journey is much more important than having it after reaching the target.

Between you and your target, there lies a very fine line. With appropriate self-confidence, you can ignore this fine line and march on.

Relax Your Body

relax yourself

As each day passes your workout session becomes more intense, and it is during this time you need more focus, calmness and energy.

The best way to combat this challenging situation is to practice some soothing exercise or meditation apart from your workout.

Aerobics is what many trainers highly recommend. Swimming, trekking are just a good examples. The experience relaxes your muscles and prepares you for another day mentally and physically.

Serve Your Body Well

All your workout and effort as a whole would last hardly for a few days if you ignore your diet.

Constant workout saps away your energy. To keep you going, during your training session, you need proper nourishment.

  • Intake of protein must be doubled.
  • Cut on dairy products like cheese and whole fat.
  • Consume more of green leafy vegetables.
  • For a change opt for protein supplements.
  • Eat well for best results.

From the above, there is one point I want to emphasize on. Supplements. If you are serious about getting into body building, making this a part of your routine is a must. And when I say this, I am referring to both pre and post your work out. It will sky rocket your results, and cut the time required in building the body of your dreams.

This is a vast subject and I can go on, but to maintain the integrity of this article, let me refer you to a guide on the best pre workout supplements in the market.

Discipline Yourself And Sleep Well


No pain no gain. But you can make your process much more relaxing by disciplining your certain habits like embracing the bed early.

Your body needs proper rest to prepare itself for another round of rigorous workout. It is also highly suggested by experts to provide your body with a certain amount of protein before and after your sleep since it’s a common knowledge that our body from inside keeps working all night long.

Encircle Yourself With Nothing But Positivity

be positive

Those five people you spend most of your precious time with are the ones you will become like, so explains the leadership guru Robin Sharma in his bestseller ‘the greatness guide 2’.

So chose your group wisely and cautiously. And when you are on a mission like bodybuilding. Everything that threatens your routine must be brazenly discarded. Take up everything that adds meaning to your mission.

  • Read books; refer motivating books as it aid your purpose.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid drinking.
  • Avoid late-night parties.
  • Friends have the might to make or mar your mission so keep a vigil.

Don’t Distract And Loosen Up

don't be distracted

If you happen to have found your workout showing up results, enjoy. But, don’t lose the grip. Celebrate and acknowledge small achievements, yet, don’t let it blur you long-term vision and mission.

All the beginners must remember that during each and every session there will be moments of joy and moments of failure and moments of pain.

With discipline, persistence and expert guidance you can reach your target. And when you reach your target you will be a changed personality: changed not only physically but mentally and perhaps spiritually.

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Tips for building muscles when you are skinny

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Working out in a gym for the sake of bodybuilding is quite demanding and challenging. There are certain types of people who are more prone to muscle building than the others, but no matter what your body is build like, there is plenty of hard work ahead of you if you want to start bodybuilding. Skinny people will find it more difficult to build muscles, because of their metabolism and predispositions.

benefits-of-therapy-hgh-hrt-health-for-womenHowever, it is not impossible, and if you stick to the right dietary and exercise regimen, you can become very successful in bodybuilding.

The first and the most important is not neither diet nor exercise – it is your attitude. You need to overcome your fear and anxiety and you must not undermine yourself. Stay aware of the fact that you are as capable of building muscles as anyone else, even though you may need slightly more time. When you start working out, challenge yourself every time you go to the gym by increasing the weight you lift or the number of repetitions.

Set up several short-term goals and a long-term goal, and strive towards achieving them. Do not give up, and even if you sometimes fail at achieving the daily goal, do not get discouraged, because failure is a major part of success. It is important that you do not compare yourself with others, because everyone’s body is different, as well as their training habits and goals, and not to mention that other people in the gym may have started exercising long before you.


Proper diet is another important aspect of building muscles and staying healthy and energized. The rule is simple – you need to eat a lot, but you cannot eat just anything. If you ate huge amounts of food such as snacks, processed food, sugar and the like, you would end up gaining mass – but not the one you want. Instead, you need to focus on eating lots of protein, which you can get mostly from meat, poultry eggs and fish, but also from mushrooms, whey, soy and various legumes.

Protein is essential for building muscles, but carbohydrates should not be avoided either. Only try avoiding carbs from refined sugar and sweets, but concentrate on whole grain, nuts and fruit instead. Do not skip vegetables either, because it will help you get your dose of vitamins and important nutrients. Naturally, drinking enough water goes without saying, since your muscles are actually built from 70% of it.


As far as the exercising itself is concerned, you should focus on the most basic compound lifts if you want to build muscle, especially if you start exercising from scratch. This means doing bench press, squats, rows, dips and the like. Focus on lifting larger weights in a small number of reps, because it is the principle generally used to build muscle, and as you progress, you should gradually increase the weight you lift. Challenge yourself, keep track of your progress, do not be ashamed to ask for help and most importantly – do not give up.

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The role of Human Growth Hormone in Bodybuilding

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As we all know, bodybuilding is based on a fairly simple idea: to grow your muscles to their maximum limit and to develop your body to the best possible shape. This is usually achieved by hard work and frequent visits to the gym, where weights and constant strength training awaited those who wanted to become carved out of stone.

Sylvester-Stallone-making-it-rain-on-pal-Arnold-SchwarzeneggerSchwarzenegger and Stallone are popular actors who were originally involved in professional bodybuilding, and there are many other guys who made this sport so popular and who helped spreading it all over the world.

However, modern bodybuilders are not satisfied with results which come from perpetual weight lifting and careful diet, and they want bigger muscles and stronger body, no matter the costs. Due to their lack of patience they are willing to experiment with various chemicals and supplements, and they dream of instant success, not thinking about the high price which could await them later in life.

But, as they are not scared of the future and want results as soon as possible, one of the substances which they are using is known as HGH, or human growth hormone.


 This hormone is present in our body even without that additional input, since it is produced by pituitary gland and it plays a very important role in regulation of our bodily processes. Like all other hormones, this one has the ability to control our body in multiple ways and the main roles which HGH plays are: regulation of body fluids, creation of muscles, sugar and fats, control of the metabolism and so on. As we can see, it seems pretty vital. Not the mention the fact that it spurs growth in children and adolescents, and this role is perhaps the most important.

before-after-hormone-replacement-therapyWhen it comes to synthetic human growth hormone which is used by modern bodybuilders, it was first extracted in 1985 and since that moment it attracted more and more athletes. It used to be very expensive and people had problems to afford it or to even find where to buy it, but with the development of Internet and online shopping – this problem no longer exists. Nowadays, people order this stuff very easily, despite the fact that it is illegal in most places, and business is booming for chemists and dealers of this supplement. Bodybuilders use HGH to increase their energy and to build muscle mass, while in the same time reducing fat very quickly and achieving the best results in a short period.

before-afterBut, not everything is so nice and shinny when it comes to this substance, since it has many side-effects, some of which are actually pretty dangerous and even potentially lethal. Health problems which can appear after using HGH are: fluid retention, mental health damage, heart failure, carpal tunnel syndrome and even gigantism in extreme cases.

All of those consequences are certainly not something that a normal, ordinary bodybuilder would want, so it is very important to check all of those pros and cons before deciding to take such a strong supplement.

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Sleeping tips for building muscle

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When you think of bodybuilding or exercising in general, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly gym or other suitable surroundings for exercising. Another important aspect of getting strong and fit is proper diet, which is probably what comes to mind right after exercise. However, there is another important component of building muscle and staying strong most of us do not think about – and it is good, sound sleep.

Too tired to fitness

 Even though sleeping is quite the opposite of exercising and putting the effort at the gym, it is incredibly important for several aspects of your physical health and exercise results. Proper sleep makes you feel more energized and provides you with higher ability to endure high-intensity tasks at the gym. Then, it is essential for the natural development of human growth hormone, just like regular weight-lifting exercises and proper diet. It also makes your body recover after a hard workout, allowing your muscles to repair and grow. You have probably read many articles advising you about exercises and diet, and in this one we will focus on sleeping tips that you should follow if you want to build muscle.

skinny-maggot2Improve your sleeping environment – sound sleep is highly affected by the bed and the pillow you have. If your mattress is worn out and the pillow is too old, too soft or to firm, you should renew the sleeping essentials and make your bed comfortable and suitable for a sound sleep. Also, improve the overall atmosphere in the bedroom by adding the scents and pictures you enjoy and using the comfortable sheets together with comfortable mattress and pillow.
Meditate – practicing meditation for a few minutes a day can do wonders for your night sleep. Choose a part of the evening when you feel comfortable and perform a short breathing exercise. It will help you keep the running thoughts under control and improve your night sleep.


Turn off the lights – sleep hormone melatonin is responsible for regulating many functions in the body, and it can only be produced while sleeping in complete dark. Therefore, make sure to turn off all the lights, even those coming from electronics, since even the smallest light can disturb your sleep and therefore the secretion of melatonin.

Turn off the gadgets and TV – studies have shown that people who use electronic before bed have trouble sleeping, unlike those who put their “toys” aside. Therefore, turn off your phone, computer, TV and other gadgets you use throughout the day and dedicate the time before falling asleep to some relaxing activity.

Sleep long enough – naturally, it is both quality and quantity of sleep that count. Because of this, make sure to sleep seven to nine hours, in order for the body to get the full rest and get ready for a new day and new challenges.


Avoid “snooze” – using the “snooze” button in the morning can make you feel stressed and reduce the positive effect of sleep. Instead of hitting the snooze” button every five or ten minutes, set up two alarms at 15 to 20 minutes difference. This will spare you the mental effort of calculating how many minutes you still have before you absolutely need to get up, which will make you feel more relaxed and provide you the actual benefit from the additional time in bed.

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Human Growth Hormone Explained

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HGH is a physiologically active hormone, which is valued for many crucial processes in the human’s body. It is essential for the overall body development since it has many “side-abilities” that make the body stronger.

It’s production and regulation starts in hypothalamus-pituitary axis. These two are responsible for a wide variety of hormone regulation – estrogen, dopamine, adrenalin and several other hormones. The whole process is very complicated so the medicine implemented a whole department for the study of these things – that is endocrinology.


Growth hormone is anabolic hormone. It promotes growth and while this does include skeletal muscle it definitely is not limited to that. It’s also worth noting that it is not androgenicmeaning it doesn’t promote male sex characteristics such as facial hair or deep male voice for example. The most recognized effect of this hormone the bone developmentand the whole skeleton. In children, it is largely responsible for the height of a child and it is regulated with the help of  severalcompound mechanisms. Secretion reaches its high levelin the puberty and then declines. It influences the bone mineralization and the retention of calcium.

Other functions include muscle protein synthesis, increased overall mass, lipolysis, synthesis of proteins, decreasing cellular uptake of glucose, increased synthesis of glucose, the growth of other organs, regulation of pancreas, stimulation of immune system and thyroid activity.

There is such a thing as body producing too much natural human growth hormone, not from supplementation and this can lead to one of two diseases. In children who secreted too much growth hormone often form a pituitary tumor, this disease is called Giant-ism. In adults,excessive secretion of growth hormone is called Acromegaly.chart4

There is limited in mixed evidence that supplementing growth will improve athletic performance. It appears that growth hormone does have an anabolic advantage at the molecular level but is not clear if this helps with strength, power or performance. One double-blind study found no increase in power output, another study did show an increase of insulin-like growth factor 1 but with no corresponding improvement in strength or performance. The third study found that supplementation improves muscle synthesis no better than a placebo. One possible benefitis the buildup of connective tissues speeding the recovery from injury without any subsequent change in muscle mass or strength.


What are side effects of supplementing or having excessive natural production? This can include joint pain and joint inflammation, enlarged heart muscle weakness, high cholesterol, impaired glucose regulation and increased risk of type 1 diabetes, impotence, increase fatigue and possibly increased cancer risk. Long-term supplementation can hinder or eliminate body’s natural production of growth hormone, similar issue with long-term testosterone use.

If you are bodybuilding or in athleticism should you supplement HGH? If you haven’t figured out by now, the answer is very simply put… NO! If, in the other hand, you decide to take HGH, do it with the help of professional consultation. You don’t want to cause yourself some problems.

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How Increase the Production of Human Growth Hormone by Nutrition?

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Human growth hormone is a hormone of the anterior pituitary. Its primary role is to promote the growth and development during adolescence. It affects the growth of bone, development of muscle tissue, the utilization of glucose and amino acids in the organism during puberty. Growth hormone secretion stops after growth, and maturity plays a significant but less important role in helping to build and maintain muscle mass.


The elevated blood glucose level reduces the natural production of growth hormone, so it’s recommended to avoid high-sugar foods that have a high glycemic index. Some nutritionists advise eating foods with glycemic index below 50 in order to maintain the production of growth hormones at optimal levels.

Food in this category include apples, bananas, carrots, corn, honey, mango, milk, oranges, pancakes, pastas, peaches, pears and strawberries. Pineapple is an excellent source of serotonin for people who have trouble sleeping, but also to encourage the production of growth hormone.

High Protein Food

Foods rich in protein and complex carbohydrates stimulates the production of human growth hormone. Obesity, which comes with age, slows its production and thus makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. High levels of amino acids in the diet rich in proteins play a key role in activating the production of natural growth hormone.

25d2ad72dff5c7ad410c963bcc89ea4e Some protein foods contain significant levels of fat, so you should choose only lean protein sources in order to avoid a negative effect on reducing fat. Sources of protein include lean meat – veal, chicken, then almonds, eggs, quinoa, soy products tuna, wild salmon and plain yogurt, preferably Greek.

Foods that also stimulate the production of HGH are brewer’s yeast, eggs, nuts, seafood, seeds, soya and cereals.

Foods rich in L – arginine stimulates the production of growth hormone. This amino acid enhances growth hormone and also helps in reducing the overall percentage of body fat. Foods rich in L-arginine include animal products such as milk, beef, chicken, pork, seafood, cereals, chocolate, legumes, including chickpeas. Soy is an excellent source of L – arginine, an amino acid, which increases the level of hormones within half an hour, until the beans rich in L – dopa, a supplement that stimulates the pituitary gland to produce human growth hormone.Food Pyramid for a balanced diet. Isolated on white

Goji berries are classified as superfoods, food of future and including their effects are most powerful promoters of growth hormone in the body. Goji berries are used for centuries as medicinal remedies because they contain two to four times more antioxidants than blueberries.

Foods rich in choline

Foods which contain choline, such as broccoli, wheat germ, broccoli and peanuts should be included in the regular diet.

oatmeal2This diet is recommended especially for athletes and bodybuilders, which is very important to increase muscle mass by human growth hormone. This method of increasing the production of human growth Hormone is a completely natural and without harmful effects for athletes and those who engage in bodybuilding. Hence, athletes always have a special diet.

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